share your blessings this christmas
November 30, 2014 222

Spread Christmas Joy by Sharing Bacolod City’s Best Pasalubong Products from Bongbong’s

It’s that time of the year again where almost every heart is filled with gladness and cheer. Yes folks, with December 25 just around the corner, the Christmas season is truly in full swing. However, it cannot be denied that there are also some who feel sad and dejected even with all the gaiety around. Well, you can do something for them! Why don’t you bring them a pack or two of tasty goodies from Bongbong's Piaya and Barquillos, maker of the best pasalubong products in Bacolod City? This may seem to be a small gesture to you but this could be enough to bring a smile to the faces of some people. Read on and discover what type of delicious treats you can share to others. Read More...
beautiful Christmas parols on display
Nov 16, 2014 223

Bongbong's Bacolod Pasalubong - Bringing Glad Tidings to All

The best pasalubong shop in Bacolod City, Bongbong's Piaya and Barquillos, is bringing glad tidings to all! The official word is out; the company is going to hold a parol making contest that will be… Read More...
visitors flock to cemeteries and memorial parks to visit their dearly departed
Oct 31, 2014 365

All Souls Day Bonding Moments with Bongbong's Bacolod Pasalubong Goodies

Make your All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day family bonding moments more meaningful with the best Bacolod City pasalubong goodies from Bongbong's Piaya and Barquillos. You can select from a wide… Read More...
the eventful months of september to october at bongbong's piaya and barquillos
Oct 20, 2014 266

The Eventful Months of Bongbong's Bacolod Pasalubong

The months of September to October are truly eventful and exciting months for the number 1 Bacolod City pasalubong store, Bongbong's Piaya and Barquillos. This only shows that the company continues… Read More...
Sep 30, 2014 492

Pasalubong – A Time Honored Concept That is Uniquely Filipino

The Philippines is a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities. It is, in a manner of speaking, a convergence of different races, all coming from various origins. Out of this complex mixture… Read More...
Sep 15, 2014 522

Bacolod City Pasalubong Ideas

Now that the vacation is nearly over, the convention is down to the last speaker, and the show is drawing to a close, this might be the best time to ponder on what type of pasalubong from Bacolod… Read More...
Aug 30, 2014 494

Local and Foreign Tourists Say Bongbong's Bacolod Pasalubong is the Best!

Did you know that Filipinos who go home from out of town trips never leave the area they have been without first buying pasalubong? Yeap, it’s seldom, if not totally nil, for Filipinos to go home… Read More...
Negros Occidental Tourist Destinations and Bongbong's Bacolod Pasalubong blend well
Aug 15, 2014 704

Bongbong's Bacolod Pasalubong – Making it More Fun During Your City of Smiles Road Trip

Make your visit to Bacolod, the City of Smiles, more fun by taking along with you a box full of yummy delicacies from Bongbong's Piaya and Barquillos. This truly popular gourmet and delicacy… Read More...
Experience the Joy of Eating Pastillas de Mangga by BongBong’s Bacolod

Did you know that the Pastillas de Mangga of BongBong’s Piaya and Barquillos, the best Bacolod pasalubong store and factory in Western Visayas, can give you so much joy and satisfaction? It’s true! It is one of the delicious treats made by BongBong’s that ranks high on the list of Bacolod City visitors who want to take home a piece of the City of Smiles. Why? BongBong’s Pastillas de Mangga successfully exemplifies the taste and culture of people in the Western Visayas area.

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Welcome to Bongbongs Bacolod Pasalubong Center

Welcome to, home of the best Bacolod pasalubong center in the Philippines! BongBong’s Piaya and Barquillos is the best store in Bacolod, when it comes to finding the most scrumptious and tastiest delicacies. It creates mouthwatering confectioneries that have been loved and patronized by Filipinos and tourists for decades.

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Written on 23/02/2014, 15:29
what-is-pasalubongHave you ever asked yourself what “pasalubong” means?While the word “pasalubong” may sound common and familiar with almost all Filipinos, it may not sound...
Written on 26/02/2014, 14:26
looking-for-a-bacolod-souvenir-check-out-these-mugsWhenever a tourist would visit Bacolod, aside from his main reason for going to the City of Smiles, the two things that are most likely to preoccupy his...
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